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Thank You for your Support - We own our equipment, we dont rent. We are a self hosting community, less expensive but expensive all the same - Your dontation helps! Donations do not get perks or skins. Bohemia has no claims to your donation. Perks and skins available from Help Desk Tickets. Be sure to select loadout department. Your donation is important to keeping game servers updated and alive.Currently hosting combat games and Minecraft!

Quick Guide on Pulling your Steam ID Manually

Method 1: The lazy way

You can follow a Steam ID Finder HERE to pull your steam ID through the Steam Community API. The link above will open a new tab/window so you do not have to lose your place here.

Method 2: In Arma 2

In Arma 2 main menu you will want to select player profile. Once your in the Player Profile you can select your listed player name and you will want to edit that player. Finally once your in the editor your steam ID should be found on the bottom labeled as Player ID.

Steam Signin

By Signing into your steam account we can pull your steam ID and fill in the information on the left for you.Sign in through Steam

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